All Fortnite Item Shop Changes in Update v26.20

Check out the new changes to the Fortnite Item Shop.
Check out the new changes to the Fortnite Item Shop. / Epic Games, via @iFireMonkey

Fortnite update v26.20 not only introduced new cosmetics to Epic Games' Battle Royale, but also a complete redesign of the Fortnite Item Shop.

Fortnite's latest patch brings Star Wars back to the island as Battle Pass owners work to unlock Ahsoka Tano through Star Wars-inspired quests. Major POIs across the map now contain Fulcrum Tokens that offer players free in-game cosmetics, including the Morai Back Bling.

The update also revamped the Fortnite Item Shop, bringing fresh Bundles, skins, and even a new layout to the in-game shop. Here's a breakdown of all the Item Shop changes in Fortnite v26.20.

All Fortnite Item Shop Changes in Update v26.20

Reliable Fortnite leaker, iFireMonkey, posted photos of all the Fortnite Item Shop changes in update v26.20. The new shop design features a list of all the Bundles currently available in the shop on the left-hand side so fans can quickly find the items they want.

As of now, the options in the Item Shop are:

  • Banner Brigade
  • Get Far Out
  • My Hero Academia
  • Chloe Kim
  • Featured
  • Daily
  • Battle Pass
  • Special Offers & Bundles

Vanessuh's Locker Bundle was also added to the Item Shop last night featuring the Arctica skin.

In addition to the new in-shop menu, the Fortnite Item Shop now allows players to simply hover over items to see them in full on the right-hand side of the screen. Fans no longer have to click on the item to see it enlarged.

Why Can't I See the New Fortnite Item Shop Changes?

As of now, it is unclear why the new Fortnite Item Shop changes do not show up for all players, regardless of platform. According to iFireMonkey, the resign is only "working on Private Servers" while "the game currently uses the old design with the IWD 2023 background."

The Item Shop redesign was supposed to be live for everyone in the new update, but it appears Epic Games is waiting a bit longer to unveil the changes to the entire community.