Among Us Free Airship Hats: All New Hats Explained

There are seven new free hats coming to Among Us in the Airship update
There are seven new free hats coming to Among Us in the Airship update / Photo by InnerSloth

The Among Us free Airship hats coming to Wednesday's update have been teased throughout the past week on the game's Twitter page. The new update introduces the Airship map, which will be the game's largest to date. After the final three hats were revealed on Tuesday morning, it has been confirmed that seven free hats will be added in Among Us.

In Among Us, hats are one of the few customizable cosmetics that help players show their personal style, along with skins and kill animations. A hat always adorns the player's head but may not technically be a hat or cap at all. These include a halo hovering over the players' head, a fried egg cracked over their head, and a wet floor sign draped over their head and face like a mask.

Among Us Free Airship Hats: All Hats Coming to New Update

As mentioned, there are seven new free hats coming to Among Us in Wednesday's Airship update. Here is a list of the new hats with accompanying images.

1. Angry Eyebrows

Photo by InnerSloth

The Angry Eyebrows will make it known to the other shipmates that you are not for any nonsense.

2. Unicorn

Photo by InnerSloth

The Unicorn hat comes complete with both a spiraling horn and a matching pink mane.

3. Heart

Photo by InnerSloth

The Heart hat floats above the wearer's head rather than sitting on top of it.

4. Chocolate Ice Cream

Photo by InnerSloth

InnerSloth is calling this hat Chocolate Ice Cream, and assures that it doesn't look like anything else...

5. Rubber Glove

Photo by InnerSloth

Given that Among Us crewmates don't have arms, it only makes sense to wear rubber gloves as hats.

6. Ponytail

Photo by InnerSloth

Try this hat out to test if blondes really do have more fun.

7. Zipper

Photo by InnerSloth

The zipper hat attaches to the top of a crewmate's suit, but what happens if it becomes unzipped?

The Airship update comes to Among Us on Wednesday, March 31 with a new map, tasks, and other features.