Apex Dev Rejects Operation Health Demand

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Operation Health may be over before it's even begun after an Apex developer explained the difficulties with making it work.

Apex Legends players have grown tired of the game's various issues. Between bugs, glitches, server issues, and crashes it can sometimes be frustrating to get a simple game in. Many players have suggested that Apex should take a leaf out of Rainbow Six Siege's book in order to solve the problems.

The idea behind Operation Health is that Respawn should spend a whole season focusing on all of the issues and errors that pop up in Apex Legends. Rainbow Six Siege did something similar back in 2017 in order to get the game straightened out. It sounds like a decent idea, but logistically it poses some problems. An Apex developer took to Reddit to answer some player queries surrounding the suggestion, and it seems that Respawn aren't quite on board with the idea.

Respawn’s RobotHavGunz said of Operation Health "I love the idea but I also see the impracticality of it." They went on to state that "on both the technical and non-technical side of things, there are plenty of people who would sit idle during a period where the only work that was done was, essentially, bug fixes."

"Live Operation development bears a fair amount of resemblance to just-in-time manufacturing. There are a ton of dependencies, cross collaboration, etc." The developer went on to say "the problem with something like an Operation Health is that it's not really reflective of how game development works."

"I'm certainly not any sort of person that would be a decider of such a thing."

"As admirable as it might seem, it's probably not actually a good thing. I totally get the request. And as someone who loves quashing bugs and who usually fixes more than I break, I'll keep doing my part to have Operation Health just be a part of my every day. I think that's what we all try to do."

So, it seems that Operation Health isn't currently on Respawn's radar, but that doesn't mean they won't be working towards a more natural implementation of fixes. The development team is certainly hard at work to bring about the latest round of fixes to Apex Legends, with the next bunch due to be fixed on Sept. 22.