Apex Legend Trick Reveals Exact Safe Zone

The zone can kill careless players, so this trick can be pretty helpful.
The zone can kill careless players, so this trick can be pretty helpful. / Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

In Apex Legends, many players have learned a nifty trick that reveals to them the location of the next zone. Almost all player have had that experience where they're uncertain where to go, and if they should stay or not, just before the next zone is revealed. But with this trick, they should be able to learn the approximate location of the next zone before it's even revealed in the match.

Apex Legends Find New Trick That Reveals The Next Zone

This post from r/ApexUniversity, the primary subreddit for Apex Legend tips and help, explains the trick pretty well. Essentially, when players look at the minimap, there's a white circle that represents the current zone. However, if players look closely, they may see that the white circle is actually blinking or flashing. If they see this, it means that they aren't in the next zone and should be prepared to be on the move. If the circle is completely solid however, it means that they're safe, and should probably begin looking for good positioning.

It's likely many veterans of the game already know this tip, but for newer players just hopping in, it's something they should learn and familiarize themselves with. It's likely Apex Legends will see another population boost when Season 9 arrives in a couple weeks, so hopefully the vets of the game can show the noobs of the game this trick.