Apex Legends A Legend Falls: How to Complete

The Broken Ghost questline adds a new PvE element to Apex Legends
The Broken Ghost questline adds a new PvE element to Apex Legends / Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends' A Legend Falls is the newest mission from The Broken Ghost quest line that throws players into Kings Canyon with an added PvE element. Week 1 had players kill a horde of enemy, retrieve the mission reward, and exit safely. The newest quest, though, now has even more enemies plus a 10 minute timer.

There are three main mission objectives: Eliminate hostiles, activate panels to open the exit, and Dig up the hidden artifact.

1. Eliminate Hostiles

Players will descend in to the arena landing on top of The Cage and will have to use the Triple Take sniper rifle to eliminate 10 hostiles and approach the bunker. There, you'll run into a downed Wattson hiding. Unfortunately, you won't be able to save her and once she dies, grab the Golden helmet from her lootbox and enter the hangar for the next stage.

Apex Legends A Legend Falls: How to Complete

2. Activate the panels to open the exit

Once into the hangar, you'll need to clear a few Prowlers out of the way and smash through the door to the right of the stairs. Through the door will be the first panel to activate. Turn around and head to the room in the lower area where the final two panels are. To the right will be a panel and a golden R-301. Activate the panel and grab the weapon and head left to activate the final panel. The third objective should appear and you can now leave the building.

3. Dig up the hidden artifact

An objective marker should now appear on your screen, head towards it and activate the drill by pressing 'E' or whatever your action key is bound to. Once deployed, you'll be surrounded by a final wave of prowlers. Fend them off as the drill works its magic and after around a minute, you'll receive another prompt indicating the artifact is ready. Grab it and run to the drop ship to complete the mission.

Once the mission is completed, you will be given the next portion of the storyline—an all text write-up summarized below.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

The transcript, from Wraith's perspective, tells the story of how the Apex legends cared for Wattson after her injury. While most, if not all, legends are worried and concerned for her health, Loba doesn't particularly care. The other legends don't take kindly to this and tensions rise between everyone. Caustic snaps and pins Loba against the wall threatening Loba with pain if Wattson doesn't recover. Wraith questions Loba about the source code, and before Loba can respond, Revenant appears above them, taunting them and disappearing before they can respond.

The next quest will arrive next week and is titled "The Liberated Narc" which sounds like an Octane-focused mission.