Apex Legends' Autumn Estates Recreated in Minecraft

Photo Courtesy of Reddit u/LighterVim

The well-known Apex Legends area, Autumn Estates, has a new look to it. You won't be having to find weapons or try to survive because this new look isn't even in Apex Legends.

Reddit user, u/LighterVim, posted a video of his final work, a fully recreated Autumn Estates in Minecraft.

According to his YouTube video, the entire Estates took over 50 days to finish making. Each building in the original Autumn Estates has been individually created in the Minecraft server. Additionally, each building has a unique interior with a unique plot of land that the building is on.

In the end, the entirety of Autumn Estates includes eight of the same smaller housing buildings that line the outer edge of the POI. In the center of the POI, there are three more unique buildings that are larger and much different than the others. One of the most recognizable features of Autumn Estates has also been created, the big orange autumn trees.

The comments of the Reddit post are filled with typical Apex Legends jokes. Most notably from u/mOOnLyt23, "Looks way too calm. We're gonna need about 15 dive trails, charge rifle beams, some frags and arcs going off and other miscellaneous gunshots." The rest of the comments were compliments and other jokes about the battle royale game.

The creator replied to one comment asking if he was going to create the entire Olympus map. He replied, "I think I will, would take a long time tho :)."