Apex Legends Clip Shows the Game Still Needs a Hit Registration Fix

Photo courtesy of Redditor Just-Argument9851

It's no question that Apex Legends has had issues in the past regarding hit registration. There have been several incidents where players have hit almost every single shot without doing any damage.

Fans of the game have gone tired of this problem as it has gone on for a long time. Back in June, there was an issue with hit reg and Wraith. After she used one of her abilities, she would practically become invisible.

An issue with hit reg should be one of the more pressing matters at hand. If players are becoming juggernauts in the arena with the equivalent of 1000 damage, that needs to be fixed. Because that is what's happening, players are getting hit with almost 500 damage worth of shots that get credited for about 80 damage.

In a Reddit post by u/Just-Argument985, the issue struck again, this time at the worst possible moment. With just two teams left and in a one-on-two situation, shots stopped doing damage. The Just-Argument was able to down one of the enemies. He would have downed the next one to win the game, but the bullets stopped registering.

This is an issue that is plaguing the game and has plagued the game for too long. This is an important bug that prevents players from playing the game properly. Respawn has yet to comment on the matter regarding a fix to the hit registration bug.