Apex Legends Controller Players Dominating the Top of Ranked

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Controller players are currently dominating the top of ranked in Apex Legends, much to the surprise of MnK players.

While the debate between mouse and keyboard versus controller has been a conversation as old as gaming, a recent discovery of just how many controller players are at the top of ranked in Apex Legends might just put this long-lasting conversation to rest.

A tweet on Oct. 2 by @JENNIFE79737685 showed off just how many of the top players in ranked use controllers with statistics to back it up.

According to the tweet, 92% of the top 25 ranked players on PC are using controller, showing that the equipment used, either mouse and keyboard or controller, does seem to matter at a higher level of play.

While it was originally thought that mouse and keyboard offered better aim and movement, it appears that controller might win out due to the aim assist that is given to help players better land their shots.

Many Apex Legends players have been vocal about which playstyle they believe is better but when 92% of the top players in ranked are all playing with a controller, the answer appears clear on which playstyle has the advantage.