Apex Legends Cross-Progression Leaked in Datamined Files

Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends Harbingers Collection Event is now live, and while players might be excited to earn some new skins the real headline came from a recent datamine from content creator KralRindo.

Apex Legends is missing a key feature that's been implemented in numerous other popular gaming franchises for quite some time: cross-progression. As a live service, free-to-play battle royale, cross-progression goes a long way in players' minds to keep their account progress active across whatever platforms they play on. Well, it seems cross-progression is coming soon based on a recent post from Apex Legends content creator KralRindo.

Apex Legends Cross-Progression Leaked in Datamined Files

KralRindo is a reliable Apex Legends content creator and leaker. Since Sept. 19, KralRindo has posted two more major datamines revealing scripts added to the game files pertaining to cross-progression. The feature has been widely requested by the community for years, and it seems that it's finally coming to fruition in the near future.

No official release date is confirmed for the feature, and Respawn can handle the release a number of different ways. The developer could choose to suprisingly announce and release it, or Respawn could wait until the next major seasonal update to introduce it. These recent two datamines aren't the only hints we've received regarding cross-progression, but more files being found indicates it's coming sooner rather than later.

What is Apex Legends Cross-Progression?

Cross-progression, assumedly once released, will operate in Apex Legends similarly to how it operates in other games. Also sometimes paired with cross-saving, the feature allows players to continue their progression no matter the platform they play on. As a live service F2P BR, players can progress their accounts on PC and then, for example, log into their Xbox accounts and continue to play without any hestitation.

Apex Legends Cross-Progression Release Date

As previously mentioned, there's no indication for a potential release date.