Apex Legends Dev Responds to Valkyrie's Ultimate Bug

Apex Legends' new Legend, Valkyrie
Apex Legends' new Legend, Valkyrie / Photo by Respawn Entertainment

A developer from Apex Legends responded to a Valkyrie Ultimate bug that was causing players to be pushed underneath the map. 

Apex Legends’ Season 9 was released on May 4. The season, titled “Apex Legends: Legacy,” brought on the usual suspects of weapon nerfs and buffs, legend tuning as well as new features such as the new Apex Legends Arenas game mode. But out of all the new changes additions, one of the most looked at was the new hero, Valkyrie.

Valkyrie has the ability to fly through the sky with her ultimate, allowing for her to scout enemies from above — something Apex hasn’t seen before in a legend. 

Apex’s Developer’s Response

In light of the new legend being released, players began to play her and test her limits. One player, in particular, found a bug with Valkyrie’s ultimate. In a thread posted on the Apex Legends subreddit, the player showed off the bug. 

The bug made it so the initial upward thrust that Valkyrie’s Ultimate performs leaves the player stuck in mid-air. After a brief moment, the player slowly begins to descend going past ground level, putting them under the map. This, in turn, forces the player to fall to their death without any way to combat it. This bug seems to be more common when a player gets stuck on a piece of the map while flying upwards. 

Just a few short moments after the initial thread was posted by Reddit user, CurleyBruh, an Apex Legends developer gave a quick comment. The developer didn’t go on to explain what was causing it or why, but he did acknowledge it. After the acknowledgment, the developer went on to say they it’s currently a work in progress to fix it. 

“Look, computers are hard. (Thank you for the video! That’ll help us fix it more quickly.)”

The developer also responded to a comment by another Reddit user asking if the same line of thinking of Lifeline’s Care Package Ultimate was applied to Valkyrie. In which he responded with: “Yeah, we only check for vertical clearance for Valk, not for her teammates. We’ll fix this one way or another.”