Apex Legends Developers Respond to Complaints of 'Too Many Female Legends'

Apex Legends developers respond to allegations of "too many female Legends" in a row.
Apex Legends developers respond to allegations of "too many female Legends" in a row. / Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends developers have issued a response to a handful of player complaints pertaining to "too many female Legends" joining the roster as of late. This section of the player base seems particularly upset about the consecutive announcements of Loba and Rampart—followed by leaks of a third female addition in Season 7.

One recently published tweet concerning a new Custom Finish Rampart skin fell prey to a slew of openly misogynistic replies Aug. 21. Users expressed concern over "3 girl legends in a row," calling Apex a "feminist game" and declaring there was "no love for straight [men]."

Apex Legends Respond to Complaints of 'Too Many Female Heroes'

It wasn't long before the development team, themselves, jumped into the conversation. According to Jason McCord, design director for the game, a conversation about the potential for sexist backlash took place prior to the announcement.

Tom Costello, Apex Legends writer, also took to Twitter to throw his support behind his colleague, writing, "If you’re the kind of person keeping track of how many male Legends there are versus how many female Legends there are, might I suggest an alternate hobby?"

Additionally, as more of the player base caught wind of the situation, fan art and memes began to appear. Several uploaded sketches of their favorite characters in pink dresses—akin to Tik Tok's popular strawberry dress.

Others were quick to point out that now the rosters are even between the two binary genders. There are a total of five male and female characters in Apex Legends—excluding the robots. Even among the androids, Pathfinder is noted to be non-binary.

Further tweets simply mocked the original reply, stating, "Oh no three whole digital women? ...maybe put the games down and try to interact with people. There are women outside though so be careful."

It appears that diversity and inclusion will not be forced out of Apex Legends anytime soon.