Apex Legends Developers Respond to Third-Person Mode Removal

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends developers have responded to the removal of an easter egg that allowed for third-person mode in the game’s firing range.

The third-person mode has been available for sometime in Apex Legends, activated through the game's firing range. Players could activate it by heading to a far corner of the map, crouching by a specific bush and then switching characters.

The trick enabled players to gain a different perspective on their characters, and made for some interesting angles when capturing footage. Now, for some reason, the trick has been removed.

Apex Dev Responds to Missing Third-Person Trick

Apex player Iuwba took to Twitter to detail their experience of trying to activate third-person mode. In the clip, the user tries to activate the trick with no success. They change characters, briefy popping into a third-person perspective, only to be thrust back into first-person when moving away from the bush.

Gameplay Programmer Ian Holstead Responded to the clip, saying that it “isn’t an intentional change.”

"I'll see if I can find what caused it and get it fixed. I know it's important to people!"

So, it seems the removal of the third-person mode wasn't planned, and perhaps something had caused a bug to occur. Given the response, it's likely fans can expect to see the feature make its way back into Apex Legends soon.