Apex Legends Enter the Revenants: How to Complete

This week's Broken Ghost quest is from Octane's perspective
This week's Broken Ghost quest is from Octane's perspective / Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Enter the Revenants is the next step in the Broken Ghost story.

The Apex Legends Season 5 Broken Ghost story line is in its third week after Week 2 left on a cliffhanger. This PvE based story and quest line has added a completely different element to Apex Legends. Apex Legends is no longer solely a battle royale game, but is showing it has more depth in adding complex stories and alternative gameplay.

The Broken Ghost story has been entertaining and added fun, but simple quests. Players drop as normal, eliminate waves of enemies to access an artifact, and then escape from the arena. The reward? Another piece of the story.

Apex Legends Enter the Revenants: How to Complete

This week sees the arrival of Revenant in the story line after last week had him making an appearance at the end of the cut-scene.

1. Destroy Revenant's Totems

Instead of dropping into King's Canyon as normal, this time you begin the challenge in his ghost mode while dropping. Once dropped and weaponless, you have to dance around the map to destroy six of Revenant's totems while defending yourself from the Prowlers. The totems are lit up by quest markers, but make sure you use your speed and fast climbing to keep away from the Prowlers.

2. Dig up Revenant's Artifact

Now is where you'll be able to get your hands on some weapons. Head into Water Treatment killing Prowlers and looting anything you find along the way. Once inside the Water Treatment facility, you'll find the indicated location for the artifact drill. One activated, just like last week, you'll have to defend yourself and the drill from waves of Prowlers.

3. Escape!

Once the drill is successfully defended and the artifact appears. Collect it and escape where you'll have a two minute time frame to flee through a dangerous Water Treatment plant and to the escape ship.

Apex Legends Broken Ghost Week 3: The Liberated Narc

After completing the mission, you will be granted access to a text-only cut-scene told from Octane's perspective. We see Revenant suggest there is a mole within the Legend's ranks and as Bangalore, Gibraltar, and Bloodhound arrive to fight, Revenant retreats.

Bangalore ignores the warning and sends Octane to Yoko to see if he can discover any more information about the claim. Octane ignores the order once everyone leaves and heads out in search of Loba's artifacts instead.

We'll be receiving another quest next week. This one titled "The Impromptu Kidnapper" according to Apex Legends' game files and will be most likely told from Lifeline's point of view.