Apex Legends Glitch Lets High Ranked Players Into Bronze Lobbies

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment /

Players of Apex Legends, specifically those who enjoy the ranked playlist, wish to gain the most ranked points per game that they can. Some people will do whatever they can to get those points as well, as seen by the glitch players in high ranks are currently abusing to play ranked games against very low ranked players, while low rank players are also doing the reverse to play above their rank.

Apex Legends Bronze Lobby Glitch

In order for players to join low ranked lobbies, they need to be invited by a friend in the Bronze rank, and then continuously spam the ready and cancel buttons until the queue puts the player into the game with person they are queued with, but at that person's rank. This causes the highly ranked players, those in Diamond or Predator, to play games at the Bronze level.

For Bronze players to join higher ranked lobbies, they need to be invited to a lobby by a Diamond player and follow the steps from above to do the same glitch in reverse. This glitch has led to many imbalanced teams and players who should not be in the rank they are playing at either way.

It is important to note that thousands of players have been banned for doing this glitch, and Respawn Entertainment is actively working toward getting the glitch out of the game, even having patched it multiple times. Advising someone to take part in this glitch would be unwise as doing this glitch puts a player in the spotlight for Respawn to ban, but some players will continue to use it as players will want to do whatever they can to gain a competitive advantage.