Apex Legends Heat Shield Trick Saves Players From Late-Game Ring Death

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A simple Heat Shield trick protects players from getting trapped in tight spaces by the ring in Apex Legends. Here's how to pull it off.

The Heat Shield is a crucial survival item in Apex Legends, perfect for giving players a bit of breathing space in the late-game. The shield's primary purpose is to absorb damage from the ring. It also speeds up revives outside the ring by 25%. Essentially, any good Apex player wouldn't get caught outside the ring without one.

But it seems there are more tricks to the Heat Shield than first meets the eye, with players still discovering creative ways to save their skins from the ring damage. Players have now found a way to use it to escape the ring vertically, after finding themselves trapped on low ground.

Apex Legends Heat Shield Trick Saves Players From Late-Game Ring Death

In a TikTok posted by Apex Legends content creator alienxfps, a team finds themselves trapped under a bridge with the ring closing in fast. The team were about to use Valkyrie's ult to get them back inside the ring, but the creator knew of a simple trick to stop the damage ticking.

They had thrown their last Heat Shield in the area under the bridge, but instructed the team to climb on top of the bridge to its roof. Peaking out from the roof was a small portion of the Heat Shield. This tiny area was enough to protect from ring damage, allowing them to use Valkyrie's ult.

Check out the video here, and see if it's a play you'll be working into your future matches.

Be careful when attempting to pull of such a trick. Standing out in the open is a sure fire way to get yourselves picked off by enemy players.