Apex Legends Legend Tier List July 2022

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The ranking of the Legends in Apex Legends can be a controversial topic. Ranking lists are always going to be different from each other.

But, today we are going to try and give you a completely unbiased and fair tier list of all the Legends in Apex Legends for the month of July.

Apex Legends Legend Tier List for July

To start off, there is not one Legend that is considered to be bad — all have a place in the game and fit different play styles. But still, some Legends will always be better than others.


These guys are the best of the best and play a huge role in the current Apex Legends meta. So let's get started.

Photo Courtesy of EA Apex Legends

1. Gibraltar

Gibby is one of the most valuable legends in today's meta. For example, the perfect counter to Gibby's ultimate is his tactical. In addition to his powerful abilities, his fortified passive and his arm shield when aiming down sight make him a tank. Gibraltar's are difficult to take down and are worthy of an S-Tier ranking.

2. Valkyrie

One of the most vital components of Apex Legends is movement and Valkyrie sure can move. Her ultimate is perfect to either avoid a gunfight you and your team aren't ready for or to rotate to the zone. Her tactical deals a decent amount of damage to opponents. And her jetpack helps her reach some hard-to-reach places on the map.

3. Newcastle

The newest legend added into the game has taken no time earning himself a spot in S-tier. One of the best features that Newcastle has is his passive. The ability to drag your teammates with a shield, all while reviving them is incredibly important. Additionally, both his tactical and ultimate shield are perfect for defending your team in the heat of battle.

4. Bloodhound

Since the beginning of Apex Legends, Bloodhound has been a mainstay in the meta. His abilities are always useful. His passive is great for hunting down unsuspecting teams. His tactical is great to find hiding enemies who are healing from the previous gunfight. And his ultimate is perfect for hunting down his prey.

5. Revenant

Both of Revenant's abilities have kept him at the top of most tier lists. His Silence tactical is great in the middle of battle, preventing his enemies from using any of their abilities. His ultimate practically allows his team to push another team with no risk. Either they win the fight or they respawn and have a second chance to attack.


Photo Courtesy of EA Apex Legends

6. Seer

Despite a nerf early on, Seer still remains as a top-tier Legend. Seer's passive ability is practically a heartbeat sensor, that alerts him to nearby enemies. His tactical is very similar to a flashbang that blinds enemies. And his ultimate shows him anyone inside the ring of microdrones. Seer is similar to Bloodhound, but he plays in a different style.

7. Ash

Ash is a perfect Legend for tracking down enemies. Her arc snare tactical both slows and damages any enemy unlucky enough to get caught in it. Her passive marks the location of the surviving attackers on the death boxes she finds. And her ultimate is a one-way portal that can teleport her to hard-to-reach places, giving her an advantage over other teams.

8. Fuse

For those who love explosives and grenades, Fuse is the Legend for you. His passive allows you to carry two throwable items per one item slot. His ultimate and tactical combine to form a deadly duo. His knucklecluster tactical blinds and damages enemies and his motherlode ultimate help keep enemies trapped for you and your teammates to eliminate them.

9. Octane

Octane is another Legend who thrives with movement. His launch pad is great for you and your team to move around the map and either avoid enemies or reach the zone faster. His tactical can be used either to avoid gunfire or just to move faster in general. His passive is great as over time, he slowly regenerates his health.

10. Rampart

Rampart can be one of the most dangerous Legends if given the opportunity. Her Shiela Mini-gun can eliminate enemies faster than any other gun in the game, once it starts to spool up. Combined with her amped walls, she can take down anybody. Her only drawback is when she is caught defenseless while spooling up her mini-gun.

11. Crypto

Crypto is the last member of the A-Tier Legends. Crypto does have the ability to receive more information about opposing players, but that does come at a cost. Crypto players tend to be away from the fight more often than not. His drone can see places that most players can't reach and can pulse a deadly EMP that leaves enemies open to fire. His passive ability to be able to see any opponent within 30 meters of the drone also helps Crypto to get more information.


Photo Courtesy of EA Apex Legends

12. Bangalore

Bangalore can combine extremely well with any other Legend to form a lethal combo. Her tactical smoke grenade can hide you from enemies as you escape fights. Her ultimate rains fire from above to hurt any team. Her passive also helps her get out of the line of fire. The ability to run faster while being shot at helps keep her alive.

13. Mirage

Mirage is one of the most confusing Legends to play against thanks to both his tactical and ultimate. Both send out holographic decoys to confuse enemies. His most useful ability is his passive where he and his teammates go invisible while he is reviving.

14. Wraith

Another Legend that's been there from the start; Wraith's primary ability is her movement. Her portal can help both her and her teammates escape any situation. And her tactical can help her sneak around enemies. Wraith's lack of offensive abilities puts her lower on this list, but she is still a viable Legend.

15. Pathfinder

Pathfinder is another one of the Legends that lack any offensive abilities but has a plethora of movement abilities. Both his tactical and ultimate can help him escape from any fight or gain an advantage over enemies. His passive has not received a nerf, but the ability to scan beacons used to be only for him.

16. Lifeline

Lifeline can be a great asset to any team. Her abilities help you and your team open another spot in your inventory since you will need to carry fewer healing items. Her passive and tactical are the best abilities she has. The ability to allow your D.O.C. Drone to revive teammates allows you to focus on opponents rather than reviving. Once you're done reviving, the drone can heal anyone in the vicinity. Her ultimate can be useful for those in need of supplies, but a replicator can replace what the care package has to offer.

17. Horizon

Horizon is great for two things, controlling the enemies and taking the high ground. With her gravity lift tactical, anyone can jump in and fly above the opponents and rain fire down below. Her black hole ultimate sucks in enemies and can be used with other Legends the eliminate the opponents.

18. Mad Maggie

Maggie is a great Legend to counter some of the game's best defensives. Her riot drill forces enemies out of their cover and into plain sight for you to eliminate. If placed well, her wrecking ball can wreak havoc on opponents. But, you have to place it right, or else it is completely ineffective.


Photo Courtesy of EA Apex Legends

19. Loba

What puts Loba so low on this list, is her lack of both offensive and defensive abilities. Her black market boutique is great for her and her teammates to use to find the best loot, but enemies that come across it can also use the boutique. Her jump drive bracelet can be used to escape a fight or gain an advantage, but the recent glitches have made the bracelet inconsistent.

20. Wattson

Wattson's abilities are what keep her low on this list. Her perimeter security walls can be used to slow down opponents, but they can be easily destroyed. Her best ability is her interception pylon ultimate, which can charge nearby shields and destroy thrown items. The issue with the pylon is that enemies can use it if they find it and it causes the team to slow down in a gunfight.

21. Caustic

Caustic earns the final spot on this list. Caustic has been the victim of a few recent nerfs. One of which is the ability to destroy his gas canisters and the other is the decreased duration of the gas clouds. Despite the nerfs, he can still be a viable Legend if used properly. If he is to receive buffs in the future, he might earn a spot higher up on the list.