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Apex Legends Legends Tier List April 2021

How does the new legend, Fuse, stack up?
How does the new legend, Fuse, stack up? | Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

As the final month for the eighth season of Apex Legends starts, let's take a look at the tier list for the Legends in the game. Season eight saw a new legend Fuse, added in, as well as a variety of buffs and nerfs to various legends. As there are undoubtedly more buffs and nerfs coming in Season 9, let's take a look at what the current standings are.

Apex Legends Legends Tier List April 2021

S Tier - The Strongest

Horizon has been so good people are calling for even more nerfs.
Horizon has been so good people are calling for even more nerfs. | Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
  • Horizon
  • Wraith
  • Gibraltar
  • Bloodhound

Horizon was released in Season 7 and she has remained strong ever since. Although she received some nerfs in Season 8, they clearly haven't been enough. She's even stronger now thanks to a bug that allows her to nullify Wattson's abilities, which are some of the best defensive abilities.

Wraith, as per usual, is a mainstay in this tier. Minor nerfs knock her down a bit, but nowhere near enough for her to not be S tier.

Gibraltar is a similar story, as nerfs have made him slightly less useful but he's still very strong. A season nine nerf to his arm shield, however, could change things up.

Bloodhound is an excellent tracker and fairly easy to use.

A Tier - Very Useful

Caustic is a big problem in a well coordinated team.
Caustic is a big problem in a well coordinated team. | Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
  • Caustic
  • Lifeline
  • Octane
  • Pathfinder

Caustic can wreak havoc with teammates that know how to play around him. He's also absurdly strong in late game scenarios with a shrinking zone. his big hit box and the fact he can be strategically hard for newer players prevent him from being S tier but make no mistake. In the right hands, he can be a nightmare.

As for Lifeline, her abilities are excellent in a team. her ultimate is decent, but her passives are where she makes her money. Her revive shield is incredibly useful and can make the difference between winning and losing. Her health drone is also very useful in almost all stages of the game.

Octane is one of the biggest movers here. The buff to his jump pad has added a whole new level of utility and control to his ultimate. Whereas before, it paled in comparison to Horizon as a reposition ability, it's now one of the best in the game.

As expected however, the real king of repositioning goes to Pathfinder. His zipline and grapple hook are all terrific abilities, both for escaping and attacking.

B Tier - Solid Picks

Bangalore is the definition of solid
Bangalore is the definition of solid | Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
  • Bangalore
  • Mirage
  • Fuse
  • Wattson

Bangalore is almost always a B tier pick. She's just incredibly solid but has nothing spectacular. Her passive is nice for escaping but it won't help you in a final fight much. Her ultimate is decent for getting enemies to evacuate an area but doesn't to do much damage. As for her smokes, they're pretty decent at confusing opponents but won't be anything lethal. She's just a very decent player and that's ok.

As for Mirage and Fuse, both can be very situational. For Mirage, if he's out in the open against very good players, he can be rendered ineffective. Against more inexperienced opponents, or in closed spaces however, his abilities can be a real pain to deal with.

As for Fuse, there are moments where everything clicks, and he can use his abilities to unleash a barrage of explosive damage that can devastate and wipe out teams. Outside of that however, he's a very situation legend with mediocre mobility,

Wattson teetered on A and B Tier, but because of the aforementioned bug, where her abilities are rendered useless against Horizon, she lands in B Tier.

C Tier - Could Be Better

Crypto's case is...complicated
Crypto's case is...complicated | Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
  • Crypto
  • Loba
  • Rampart
  • Revenant

Crypto has an interesting case, and it can be argued he should be much higher. Unlike other legends, it's hard to make good use of Crypto in a chaotic situation. he relies on getting protection and cover from his teammates, and setting up traps and nerfing opponents from his sky. It can be pretty useful, but well, when he's staring a shotgun in the face, he lacks any abilities that can help avoid a knockout. He thrives on order but struggles in chaos, which is unfortunately what many matches come down to.

Loba is good in early game with her item collecting ultimate.

Rampart can be a pain when she sets up shop, but it takes a long time to do so, and she can't easily transport her created fortress. She's only good if she can get to an area before anyone else can, which is never guaranteed.

Revenant is a sensitive legend. His ultimate can be beastly for pushing other teams, and there are times when everything clicks with him. Unfortunately right now, he's not in the best of spots. He's worth keeping an eye, as the smallest of changes can make him meta again.