Apex Legends

Apex Legends Legends Tier List June 2021

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Legends tier list hasn't shifted much since May. Respawn has plans for some significant Legend changes, but most of them have not taken fruit yet.

An all-new season starting in May and it brought a brand new Legend. Valkyrie is the new character for Season 9, she is the daughter of a Titanfall 2 antagonist. This adds a total of 17 characters to Apex Legends. Here is our tier list for June. You can check out our list for May here.

Apex Legends Legends Tier List June 2021


  • Valkyrie
  • Wraith
  • Bloodhound
  • Lifeline

Even though Valkyrie received a minor nerf, she is still one of the best Legends in the game. She has great solo mobility, map mobility and has an okay combat ability. Everyone thought removing Lifeline's shield would ruin her, but it's much more balanced now. She's not as broken as before, but she's still very powerful.


  • Octane
  • Horizon
  • Gibraltar
  • Pathfinder

Having loads of mobility for yourself and your team is a massive bonus for Apex Legends, hence the power of Octane and Pathfinder. Gibraltar is one of the best duelists in the game with his gun shield and Horizon still has a great kit.


  • Bangalore
  • Wattson
  • Revenant

Bangalore can be extremely useful with her ultimate and smokes, and she can escape danger with her passive. Wattson is one of the most misunderstood Legends in the game, constantly asked for a buff despite having a high win rate. It's hard to balance her as at the high tiers of play, she's dominant. She only struggles in lower tiers.


  • Crypto
  • Fuse
  • Caustic
  • Mirage

Mirage is the complete opposite of Wattson. He's powerful at lower ranks but falls off a bit at higher ranks. His clones don't deceive high-tier players as much, making his kit not as useful. Caustic is incredibly situational. Fuse has been a let down since his release.


  • Rampart
  • Loba

Rampart is only good if you have a perfect position in a circle. But players are so mobile, it's hard to use her gun. Loba is still pretty useless, Her teleport works much better than it did, but Black Market isn't useful enough compared to other Legends.