Apex Legends Loba Edition: What's Included in the Bundle

Apex Legends Loba Edition includes the Arms Dealer skin.
Apex Legends Loba Edition includes the Arms Dealer skin. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

Apex Legends Loba Edition has leaked ahead of its release, previewing the special edition of the game players will soon be able to buy.

Apex Legends Loba Edition Leaks New Skin

Legend Edition bundles are paid versions of Apex Legends — which is otherwise free to play — that come with special cosmetics tied to the Legend whose name appears on the bundle. Previous Legend Editions have focused on Bangalore, Mirage, Pathfinder, Lifeline, Octane, Gibraltar and Bloodhound. Leaks suggest Loba is next up.

These leaks have also shown a glimpse of the collectibles players will get for purchasing the bundle. The skin included in the bundle is called Arms Dealer, and it dresses Loba up in a black and grey outfit reminiscent of a modern mercenary. She wears all black, with angular and busy patterns forming armor all over her. On her head is an Apex Games-branded beret, at her hips run racks of bullets, and over one eye a piece of tinted glass reminiscent of a Dragon Ball Z-style Scouter.

The bundle also includes a 30-30 Repeater skin that matches the Arms Dealer outfit, the Quartermaster Andrade badge, and a gun charm resembling the outline of a wolf.

Previous Legend Editions have also included 1,000 Apex Coins — a roughly $10 value — and have cost a total of $20. EA Play subscribers have gotten the discounted price of $18.

Respawn Entertainment hasn't named a release date for Apex Legends Loba Edition.