Apex Legends Players Discuss Another Armor Change Theory

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A popular Apex Legends armor opinion was shared on TikTok before making its way to Reddit. Season 14 is finally seeing a much-requested feature with the removal of the self-revive ability on the Golden Knockdown Shield.

One of the biggest differences from Apex Legends and other battle royales is the armor swap ability. When players go down and leave a loot crate. Players can quickly swap with their dead body with a full armor. Doesn't matter if you just shredded the armor, it will be fully refilled when you pick it up.

This has created a necessary style as players at higher levels live off of ending squads, and armor swapping to engage with the next battle. The Reddit post and TikTok video discuss the idea of removing this feature all together. As you can expect the community was quick to disagree, but most understand this feature is integral to Apex Legends. And Respawn Entertainment would have to agree. The idea of armor swapping was meant to be there at launch, but after the meta formed, Respawn was quick to grab ahold of it and not let go.

Respawn would have to change their philosophies if they ever wanted to change this main feature.