Apex Legends Players Frustrated With 'Broken' Loba

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have become increasingly frustrated with Loba's broken ability. The "Translocating Thief" has been at the forefront of the recent issues plaguing Apex Legends.

Along with her passive ability that lets her see purple and gold items through walls, Loba is meant to have an ultimate that her and her teammates select purple and gold loot and a tactical where she throws her bracelet and wherever it lands is where she teleports to. The one problem is lately, she won't teleport.

In a Reddit post published by u/Upvotegobrrrrr, several clips show Loba throwing her bracelet over and over again, each time the ability not working. The "Burglar's Best Friend" has been looking more like another opponent during the game, leaving the Loba players out to dry in the middle of incoming fire.

The comment section of the Reddit post is filled with other players sharing their stories of the ability not working. One comment showed a fix to the situation. U/SoftwareGeezers said that either respawning or using the "Black Market Boutique" ultimate ability can reset the glitched tactical. But when a player is trying to escape from a gunfight, they won't have time for those solutions.

The issue of Loba's tactical failing to work has been something that Respawn has been trying to fix for a long time. In previous patches, the ability was "fixed", but with the start of the most recent Season 13, the bug has returned and players are still waiting on a permanent fix to the legend.