Apex Legends Pro Slams Players Tap-Strafing on Controller

Photo Courtesy of EA Apex Legends

Apex Legends pro ImperialHal recently slammed players who tap-strafe on controller as he believes it should be banned.

Tap-strafing is a movement technique that when mastered, will help make players make hard turns and have overall sharper movement. This technique is used mostly by Apex players who use KBM and while this is completely allowed, tap-strafing on a controller is not. Respawn Entertainment has gone so far as to ban it in competitive play though it is still allowed in regular modes. This is because controller players can only tap-strafe by abusing Steam Config.

While advanced movement techniques are nothing new in Apex Legends, such as the recently discovered raf-strafing, many people still feel like tap-strafing goes beyond what a normal person should be able to do and instead gives players the edge through exploiting things like Steam configuration in controllers. Although there is a large population of Apex Legends players who believe things like tap-strafing should be removed, there is also an equally large population of players who believe that there is nothing wrong with tap-strafing and that if it is in the game it should be able to be used.

ImperialHal, along with many others, has taken to bashing those who tap-strafe on controller as they state that it offers an unfair advantage to those who abuse an exploit rather than through legitimate skill. ImperialHan has gone on to say that if it is banned in competitive play, it should be banned in ranked and pubs as well.

While Respawn hasn't brought up if this issue will be fixed, there is a large portion of the Apex Legends community who wishes to see tap-strafing gone from the game.