Apex Legends Pro Snip3down Gives Best Tips for Controller Looting and Moving

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have long discussed the advantages and disadvantages of playing with a controller or on a PC. There have been some key points of difficulties that controller players experience while playing Apex Legends that feels like they are at a disadvantage.

When playing on a controller the main issue players experience is moving while looting. If you are playing on a controller, you have to stop dead in your tracks in order to get items from another player's loot box. This leaves you extremely vulnerable and makes looting in an open area extremely risky.

Pro Apex Player, Snip3down, made a YouTube video that breaks down all the options you have to make you more mobile while looting.

1. Foot Pedals

While you aren't able to use side to side movement while you are selecting your loot, the set of three-foot pedals Snip3down uses are set to move left, right, and reload. This allows him to move back and forth while looting from lot boxes, leaving him less vulnerable. You can get a set of three-foot pedals for about $40 in a quick internet search.

2. Open and Sprint Method

The next method given is to time the opening of the loot box while moving. If you sprint in between the moment that the loot box is opening, you have about a split second to select items while your Legend is sprinting forward to select items on the move. This requires specific timing and practice as there is very little room for error, and you have to be ready to select your items in the box in that brief second.

3. Crouch and Loot

The last method Snipe3down gives us is to switch your controller settings. If you switch your melee attack and crouch button, you would be able to at least crouch while you are looting. So while you may not be able to move left and right, you can bob up and down to avoid any possible incoming hard scope headshots.

All these practices can be used to help improve your movement while looting. Even though one of the solutions requires additional money to be spent, we're given two other options that can help improve your movement. While you still may be at a disadvantage compared to PC players, these tips can help narrow the gap between PC and controller players.