Apex Legends Revenant Release Date

When will Revenant be coming to Apex Legends?
When will Revenant be coming to Apex Legends? / Respawn Entertainment/Alex Graner

Apex Legends Revenant release date seems to be the date everyone's waiting for after a Season 4 teaser was released.

With Revenant assassinating James "The Forge" McCormick in a Apex Legends Season 4 trailer Monday afternoon, it seems to only be a matter of time before Revenant is released as the newest Legend.

Although Revenant's release has not yet been officially confirmed, Forge's character being grayed out on the Season 4 portion of their website and the addition of RIP before his name, point to Revenant taking his place as the newest Legend.

Apex Legends Revenant Release Date

Based on the release of other Legends, players can expect Revenant to be official released into Apex Legends on the same day Season 4 Assimilation begins Feb. 4.

With Respawn Entertainment looking to continue its trend of releasing one new Legend each season, it is likely that Revenant will be the only Legend released in Season 4.

Apex Legends Revenant Abilities and Lore

Not much is known about Revenant, although he appears to be an assassin who relies on stealth and cunning to outsmart his opponents. The story behind Revenant's creation and his motivations are unknown. All we know is that his nickname is the "Synthetic Nightmare."

Based on an initial leak from That1MiningGuy, Revenant will have two different stances, each with their own unique tactical abilities and ultimates. Revenant will have just one passive ability, called Infiltrator, which allows him to climb higher walls and walk faster.

His tactical abilities in his "Regular Stance" will fire a poison dagger that will reveal the target's location for up to 60 seconds and will launch a poison bomb that will slow any targets hit, most likely in a small area of effect. His Regular Stance ultimate will allow him to protect anyone who uses it from death. Users who would otherwise be killed or downed will return to the totem with 20 health.

His tactical abilities in "Shadow Stance" will allow him to walk silently and faster than normal for six seconds and will allow him to send out a shadow Revenant that he can teleport to. His Shadow Stance ultimate will let him create a doorway though walls that lasts five seconds.

These abilities are subject to change, as Respawn Entertainment has not yet officially confirmed that Revenant will be the next new Legend. Although with the start of Season 4 just around the corner, we'll know soon enough what Revenant, or perhaps another new Legend, will be able to.