Apex Legends Season 2 Character Tier List

Apex Legends Season 2 character list
Apex Legends Season 2 character list /

Apex Legends Season 2 has shifted certain pieces of the game's meta, but even as things change they stay the same. Here are the game's Legends, ranked according to their strength in the current landscape.

Apex Legends Season 2 Character List

At the top of the list is Lifeline. All of Lifeline's abilities are useful in a wide array of situations, making her impressively versatile. Her healing drone is a good way to save healing items for more pressing late game situations, and her care package ultimate can help improve a team's gear, but her Combat Medic passive might be her greatest asset. Healing faster is invaluable in any fight.

Bangalore is on a level with Lifeline. Her Double Time passive combined with her smoke grenades make her adept at escaping sticky situations and repositioning, while her Rolling Thunder ultimate allows her to control the terms of fights more easily.

Wraith is just a hair below Bangalore and Lifeline. She remains an excellent choice because of her ability to turn invisible mid fight and to create portals for repositioning. Her small hurtbox is another valuable asset.

For the aggressive player, Octane can also be a top performer. His ultimate Launch Pad isn't overly useful, but the extra movement from Stim and the passive healing of Swift Mend tend to make up for that.

Bloodhound's tracking ability can make it easy to seek out opponents or avoid them, depending on your temperament. Eye of the Allfather makes any engagement that much simpler because of the information it provides. Finally, Beast of the Hunt is an incredibly versatile ability giving both movement speed and enemy highlights.

As powerful as Pathfinder's Zipline and Grappling Hook are, it's hard for them to make up for his radar beacon ability, which is all but useless. Mirage is in a similar boat, as his deceptive abilities tend to do little in fights.

At the bottom of the pile are Gibraltar, Caustic and Wattson, all of whom lack movement abilities. These three Legends are good at holding down specific locations, but the dynamic nature of Apex Legends de-emphasizes that skill.

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