Apex Legends Season 8 Fuse: Newest Legend Abilities, Release Date and Origin Story

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

With Season: 7 Ascension quickly approaching its end date, more and more leaks are being confirmed by Respawn Entertainment. The most exciting part of Apex Legends beginning a new Season is the addition of another Legend. Last Season we got Horizon, a gravitational manipulator that's backstory and abilities excited the community. For Season 8, Respawn confirmed that Fuse, will be the newest Legend to join the fight.

Fuse is expected to join the ever growing list of legends once Season 8 begins. Season 8: Mayhem is set to begin on Feb 2. Along with Fuse coming in February, players also have a high bar set for the newest Legend since Horizon. Horizon is arguably in the greatest position of any Legend post-launch, so the expectations are rather high.

Respawn, after confirming Fuse as the next Legend, said he's a “doesn’t lack confidence, but often lacks a plan. He’s a blow-up first ask-questions-later kinda guy.” While this doesn't give away much information about what his abilities will be, he appears to be more geared towards a Bangalore type Legend.

Respawn also gave us this four minute clip giving us some information into Fuse's origin story. He's been partnered with Mags his whole life committing crimes and passing a golden ceremonial grenade between the two. Fuse, otherwise known as Wally, proves himself to be a great fighter in the fighting pits and is betrayed by his lifelong friend after he tells her he's leaving the planet Salvo to be the first fighter in the Apex games. He loses his arm after the grenade goes off, and walks away.

This gives room for a few theories, the golden grenade being the source of Fuse's ultimate ability, or a robotic arm being a part of it. We know his abilities include explosives because of marketing and such, and we have the names of the abilities from data miner leaks as well. We've also seen teasers with a look into Fuses ultimate and it appears to be a ring of fire that surrounds players when activated.

Fuse's Tactical Ability is called Projectile Grenade, and his Ultimate Ability is Firebomb. The passive ability is most likely to deal with the golden grenade we see throughout the origin story. While we have some speculation and data miner leaks, we can only wait to see what the finished product looks like when Season 8 of Apex Legends finally gets here.