Apex Legends Season 8 Legends Buffs and Nerfs

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

All of the final adjustments are being made here in the last weeks of Season 7 to gear up for an exciting Season 8. What comes along with each new Season is all the buffs and nerfs to specific Legends to create a better balance among them in Apex Legends. We've got all the information you need to know prior to getting into Season 8.

We typically get this information over the course of time, and this news is no different. We've kept up with what Dev Daniel Klein has given information in regards to what Respawn has been doing behind the scenes in preparation for Season 8. We'll take a look at the Legends that should be receiving an adjustment for Season 8.

1. Wraith

Wraith has always been one of the most used, and most successful Legends throughout all of Apex Legends, and now she is getting nerfed. With all the success seen with Wraith, Respawn said they want to get her "under control." They'll be taking a look at hitboxes to try to level her out, we'll see what else we get with the nerf.

2. Rampart

Rampart has been extremely irrelevant as of recent in Apex Legends. Respawn confirmed they are buffing her abilities by adding 45 health to her Amped Walls while they're building. A well-needed buff to try to get this Legend into the game more, we'll see how it works.

3. Horizon

Horizon quickly rose to the top of Legends in usage percentage and win percentage. Klein spoke out about Horizon's tactical ability. "Out theory internally right now is that she's too safe with the tactical...She can use it in so many situations to get out of trouble, and most frustratingly, she can sit atop the tactical and use a battery while A/D Strafing faster than she could on the ground." So basically they're looking at nerfing her movement. Horizon has had the best debut for a new Legend to date, so it's only assumed we could expect this nerf.

4. Wattson

The Static Defender has always been a tough Legend to fix. While you rarely see this Legend in casual or competitive play, her win rate is very high, according to Klein. Wattson fell off from the high pick rate she had, but the fact that she isn't seen as much in match play may mean another adjustment for the Legend. "But it doesn't take very much to push an already strong character from never seen to everywhere and a pain in the butt." said Klein. So hopefully it doesn't come to that.

5. Revenant

While Wraith is looking to get her hitboxes expanded, Revenant may be getting the exact opposite. A Respawn Dev said "We've been struggling to find a good buff for Revenant...I don't think we've properly discussed just shrinking his hitboxes to give him power without making him more frustrating." So while we could receive a buff for Revenant, it's still uncertain.

We'll see what we get in Season 8 after it launches on Feb. 2. With all players paying close attention to what changes, we'll see how the community reacts after Season 8: Mayhem of Apex Legends starts off.