Apex Legends to Bring Back Anvil Receiver and Add Hop-Up in Season 8

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

As we continue to approach Season 8 of Apex Legends, we continue to get more and more information about what to expect. We've already gotten the new trailer, revealing new skins, weapons, map changes, Fuse and more. Now it appears alongside all these additions were also going to see two additional Hop-Ups, the Anvil Receiver, and another unknown Hop-Up.

With no new weapons being added in Season 7, it appears that Respawn is looking to shake up the meta a little bit in Season 8. The addition of the 30-30 Repeater adds a new high powered rifle to the mix and the Hop-Ups means we'll have some more choices when it comes to upgrading your weapon throughout the game.

The Anvil Receiver was part of Apex Legends until Season 5 when it was removed. It was replaced by the Skullpiercer Rifling Hop-Up. The Anvil Receiver was previously able to be attached to either the
R-301 and Flatline, so it's expected to be attachable to the same weapons. The Hop-Up is used to decrease rate of fire, use two rounds of ammo in single fire mode, and almost double semi-auto damage.

The Anvil receiver was rather popular while it was around in Season 5 and it is expected to be well received again in its comeback. In regards to the other Hop-Up that was discovered, it appears that the Sentinel is receiving a new hop-up as well. However, it is unknown what it is specifically, and there isn't much to speculate around it. We'll have to wait and see what it is.

What we do know is that weapons are getting a serious shake-up this Season as compared to no changes in Season 7. We'll see how well received the changes are after Season 8 of Apex Legends drops on Feb. 2.