Apex Legends: Turn Lifeline's Care Package into a Death Trap

Lifeline Bad to the Bone
Lifeline Bad to the Bone / Photo Courtesy of Respawn

Each character in Apex Legends has its own special abilities that give you an advantage over your enemies. Some of these are meant to deal damage, while others are meant to just provide help to you and your squad. In cases such as Lifeline and her care package, some abilities can surprisingly do both.

Lifeline has had plenty of tricks discovered that make her a popular legend, however, a new trick with one of Lifeline's abilities has been found that turns her Care Package into a lingering death trap for enemies. The Legend is usually used for her support abilities, such as the Care Package dropping to your squad when you need a boost, however, TikTok User Phenomenal_gaming found a way to use it to trap an unsuspecting squad that was targeting them.

Apex Legends: Turn Lifeline's Care Package into a Death Trap

Phenomenal_gaming was playing alone in Duos after finding an enemy squad, which fired in their direction immediately. With low health, the player called in their ultimate ability, the Care Package, right next to a staircase for a nearby building. After accepting that they were about to be knocked down, the Lifeline darted underneath the staircase and was struck down.

As the squad came over to loot up their body they realized that the Care Package had actually trapped them into the tight spot, leaving them to die as the circle comes in, or for a team that may pass by.

Phenomenal_gaming proceeded to spectate the enemy team laughing, seeing the predicament that they put the squad in and watching them get eliminated. With the number of staircases like the one in the TikTok around the various maps, this trick can be performed on World’s Edge, Storm Point, and others. It may be a sacrificial tactic and tough to do to outlast the last few enemies in a match. But if you have accepted defeat and want to take a few enemies down with you as Lifeline, this can be a fun trick to make sure that you didn't die in vain and your squad can carry on against less opposition.