Apex Legends Weapon Tier List September 2021

The Wingman in Apex Legends
The Wingman in Apex Legends / Credit to EA/Respawn

Season 10 is well underway, and many players are curious about what an Apex Legends weapon tier list for September 2021 would look like.

Season 10 brought a lot of changes to Apex Legends' weapons. A new LMG was added, the L-star LMG was given attachment options and weapons rotated in and out of the care package. There was also the addition of a new hop-up known as the Boosted Loader. This hop-up is exclusive to the Wingman and Hemlock and rewards players for reloading a nearly empty magazine with extra bullets and a faster reload time. Remember that care package exclusive weapons will not be ranked on this list and weapons are in no particular order within their rank.

Apex Legends Weapon Tier List September 2021

S Tier Weapons - The Cream of the Crop

We have five weapons in the top tier of the list: the Prowler, the R-301, the Wingman, the R-99 and the peacekeeper. The Prowler has moved out of the care package this season and has insane hip-fire accuracy. The R-301 is has very little recoil and is consistent at almost all ranges making it one of the easiest guns to use in the game. The Wingman was already strong last season but now has the added benefit of the Boosted Loader hop-up. The R-99 has one of the highest dps stats in the game and the Peacekeeper has the highest damage per shot value of all the shotguns.

A Tier Weapons - Advantageous in Most Fights

The A tier weapons are the Flatline, the Eva-8, the Rampage, the Volt, the L-star and the Devotion. The Flatline hits hard if you can control the intense recoil. The Eva-8 has lower damage than other shotguns, but has an oppressive fire rate. The Rampage is a great option for long range engagements. The Volt boasts an impressive range for an SMG. The L-star has high damage and a potentially endless magazine. The Devotion is one of the best guns in the game assuming all the attachments can be found.

B Tier Weapons - Get the Job Done

In B Tier we have the Longbow, the mastiff, the G7 Scout, the Bocek Bow, the Hemlock, the Charge Rifle and the Sentinel. The three snipers in Apex (Longbow, Sentinel and Charge Rifle) are all fairly even, so it's personal preference which to choose. The Mastiff isn't the beast it used to be but don't underestimate it. The G7 is good for poking long range. The Bocek is a strong weapon assuming you can find enough arrows. The Hemlock does impressive damage, but is unwieldy in closer quarters.

C Tier Weapons - Trade These Out When You Get the Opportunity

The C tier weapons are the Havoc, the 30-30 Repeater and the Mozambique. The Havoc isn't a bad weapon, it's just outclassed by the Devotion. The Mozambique has a similar relationship with all the other shotguns. The 30-30 Repeater functions essentially like a slower Wingman that does a little more damage.

D Tier Weapons - Avoid if Possible

D tier is made up of the P2020 and the RE-45. These two pistols are better than not having a weapon at all, but are outmatched by any other weapon.