Apex Legends Winter Express LTM Tips

Apex Legends Winter Express LTM Tips
Apex Legends Winter Express LTM Tips / Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Winter Express limited time mode tips are here for you to absolutely dominate the field this holiday. With the Holo-day bash event right around the corner, we've got five tips for you make the most of your time in the LTM.

The Holo-day bash event begins Dec. 1 and runs through Jan. 4. The event will have tons of holiday-themed content throughout Apex Legends, including the limited time mode Winter Express.

In this LTM, there are five objective locations and multiple frigid cosmetics for different Legends that you can obtain for Loba, Horizon, Crypto, Bloodhound, and Revenant. The mode also features new weapon cosmetics for the R-99 and Spitfire, as well as all new respawn hover tanks.

It is also worth noting there are some differences with this LTM. Players spawn in with a pre-determined loadout of weapons and items, which are different depending on your Legend. These loadouts change on a daily basis. Also, the radius of the train's patch has shrunk, meaning you won't be too far from any of the action. With all that in mind, we now look to how you can dominate Winter Express.

Apex Legends Winter Express LTM Tips

1. Find your favorite loadout

With the pre-loaded loadouts available on each Legend, experiment with the loadouts available on each Legend too see what suits you best. Also make sure you and your trio are utilizing each others attachments to make each other better.

2. Realize you don't have to land on the train every time.

While the train is the main focus, you don't always have to hot-drop and try to stave off every attack that comes towards the train. It's typically recommended to keep close and highly elevated, so that you can surprise opponents on a drop, or third party after a fight.

3. Unlimited Heals

Never feel the need to rush back into battle with low health. With unlimited heals, your best option is to disengage and heal up before returning to a fight.

4. Train Plays

Once you capture the Train and win a round, teams will again swarm the train in order to win the next round. Don't be afraid to ditch the train after a win. You can prevent other teams from winning round since they are timed. If you can't capture the train yourself, you can ensure another team doesn't by occupying their time. Play smart.

5. Lifeline's Care Package

Lifeline's Care Package Ultimate ability is available in this mode and will allow you access to high tier loot. Be sure to take advantage of this ability.

Use these tips to guide you and your teammates to victory. Hopefully this LTM lives up to the hype from last season. Winter Express is available Dec. 1.