Apex Personality Aceu Details Characters That Need Buffs and Nerfs in Apex Legends

Apex Legends
Apex Legends / Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Buffs and nerfs are always highly contentious parts of updates in the Apex Legends community. Any slight buff or nerf can render a character useless or make them instantly overpowered. Players and streamers often voice their opinions on who deserves Buffs and Nerfs in the game, and popular Apex personality aceu took the time to do exactly that in a recent Twitch stream.

Going through every single Legend, aceu outlined which characters need reworks, buffs, and nerfs. Here's aceu's opinion on each Legend available.

Aceu's Characters That Need Buffs and Nerfs

To start, aceu calls for a Bloodhound nerf, a Gibraltar nerf, a Caustic nerf, a Mirage buff, and of course, a Lifeline rework. These ideas are already shared among most of the Apex Legends community, with these characters needing slight nerfs to level the playing field. Additionally, aceu mentions that Rampart's Ultimate ability now needs a slight nerf after the recent Saviors buff, and that Loba needs a buff as well. He even called for Revenant's overall removal from the game, although he didn't fully dive into his reasoning why.

Valkyrie is also incredibly overpowered in Apex Legends according to aceu, and she needs a "major nerf" due to being the strongest character in the game arguably. Moving onto Fuse, aceu says that the explosions expert needs a completely new Ultimate as his current Motherlode ability is “trash." On the other hand, in his eyes, Ash's Ultimate needs a buff to make it more "intuitive."

Aceu also said that Bangalore and Watson are currently fine and don't need buffs or nerfs. According to him, the Professional Soldier should receive no changes and the Static Defender is in a “good spot." He shares the same idea for Watson, Newcastle and Crypto, saying they're just fine. Despite Seer's being a “little strong” thanks to his “ridiculous” Passive, aceu doesn’t think any major changes need to be implemented to him either.

Lastly, aceu says that he still doesn't understand the point of Mad Maggie's kit, saying that she isn't very useful to most teams, which is probably why she hasn't been the most popular Legend since her arrival.

Changes are still set to come throughout Season 13, so it will be interesting to see what buffs and nerfs we see from Respawn, and how it will affect the current meta of Apex Legends.