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Aquila Favonia Genshin Impact Guide

Jean works best with Aquila Favonia
Jean works best with Aquila Favonia / courtesy of miHoYo

Aquila Favonia is a five-star sword in Genshin Impact that has the potential to increase a character's physical damage greatly.

With the 1.5 patch of Genshin Impact that came out last April, we have been updated with new weapons including the Aquila Favonia. It is now one of the four five-star swords available in the game. In this article, we will go through the sword's stats, how to obtain it, and who to put it on.

Aquila Favonia Genshin Impact Guide

Aquila Favonia is a sword with a basic attack of 48 at its base level. It provides 9% physical damage as the bonus effect. The skill of Aquila Favonia is called Falcon's Defiance, which increases attack damage when the character takes damage themselves. It will further trigger the Soul of the Falcon of the West, allowing the character to regenerate health to 100% of damage dealt, and to deal 200% attack damage to surrounding enemies.

How to Obtain Aquila Favonia

As mentioned earlier, Aquila Favonia was added with the newest patch. It is only obtainable through Wishes of the Epitome invocation. The Wish event will last until 1 PM ET on May 18, so make sure to gather up your Primogems if you want this specific sword.

Who to Give Aquila Favonia

The bonus effect can go as high as 41.3% at level 90. Thus, the weapon is best used with characters that can build physical damage. The most notable character is Jean, for the weapon is known to be best for her overall. Although she is used as the main DPS Jean has tanky stats that allow the Falcon's Defiance to trigger.

Other characters that can work with this sword includes Kequing and Kaeya, but these characters may equip other swords depending on what build players want to take with them.