Are Klombos Coming Back to Fortnite?

Image courtesy of Epic Games

Missing Klombos in Fortnite? Well, they might be coming back.

Introduced in Chapter 3: Season 1, Klombos were a type of wildlife creature resembling a giant lizard. These friendly giants could be found roaming the island, offering items to anyone who gifted them a Klomberry. In addition, players could stand on the creature's blowhole to be propelled up into the air, allowing for a Glider redeploy and a quick getaway.

In Season 1, the Klombos could take damage but never be fully killed - instead becoming hostile, and shooting acid at the player. Sadly, Chapter 3: Season 2 saw the vaulting of Klombos, making their presence on the island pretty short-lived.

However, thanks to a recent leak, it seems we could be seeing the return of Klombos in Fortnite.

Fortnite Leak Hints at Return of Klombos

According to known Fortnite leaker, HYPEX, Klombos are set to make a return in an upcoming season. But this time they'll be killable.

Apparently Epic Games are working on having a killed Klombo drop a special kind of meat and the potential to drop a range of loot. These could be consumables, materials, weapons, or ammo. HYPEX noted a new item added called "NPC Meat" which they believe is related to the Klombo.

It's unclear if these readded Klombos will be aggressive by default, or whether players will need to make the first move. The leak also doesn't specify what the NPC Meat will do, though it's likely to either be a restorative item or provide players with a buff.

As for when the Klombos will make an exact return is anyone's guess. Epic Games still seem to have anumber of things in the works for Fortnite in the near-future.