Are Roulette Tickets Rigged in Gran Turismo 7?

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Are roulette tickets rigged in Gran Turismo 7?

While roulette, poker, and other games around gambling might have extreme regulations here in the states, in video games, the laws surrounding them are extremely lax. The mechanics aren't without controversy (looking at you Battlefront 2) but for the most part, they're barely regulated, especially if they don't require you to spend any real-life money.

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Roulette Tickets Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo, for example, has an in-game gambling system called the roulette. It's a typical, chance-based luck game that you use Roulette Tickets to play, and the rewards offered stem from in-game currency to car parts and even faster, high-end vehicles. The tickets themselves operate on a three-star system, where one star gives a minimal amount of rewards, all the way up to three-star which can unlock high-end vehicles and currency.

The game has come under fire, like most games with a gambling element, for being rigged. Stating that the game purposefully makes it hard to get premium, high-end items by lowering the chance of you winning certain items, as opposed to real-life roulette, where there's an equal chance for every number.

The answer to these accusations, surprisingly, is that they're true. Gran Turismo does indeed lower the chances of winning high-end vehicles and parts, and make it so that the chance of currency is more common. If everything were equal, then it would ruin the whole balance of the game, with a lot more low-level players riding around with insanely fast and advanced rides, making tons of other vehicles obsolete. However, to Gran Turismos credit you can't actually buy the tickets with IRL currency. So there is no monetary incentive for the game to skew the odds against you to such an extent that you can't get the car you really want. Rather, the roulette offers a reward for doing some objectives and completing in-game tasks. This really isn't that big of a problem as compared to Gran Turismo's other microtransactions.

While people aren't wrong to find fault with Gran Turismo's roulette system, at the end of the day it is just another basic gambling mechanic, without all the nastiness of forcing players to foot the bill with irl currency