Artisan Foil Valorant Skin: How to Get

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

With the release of the Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 battle pass, comes all new cosmetic items including skins, gun buddies and much more. In this new battle pass are a few new skin lines, such as the Varnish, Nitro and the main skin line, Artisan.

Artisan Foil Valorant Skin: How to Get

Every few months when the newest battle pass comes out, players are excited to see what skins are added. Everyone wants to see the most popular guns like the Phantom or Vandal get more variety when it comes to skin choice. However, the most awaited thing for every act or episode is always the melee.

This act, the battle pass comes with an incredibly unique melee, one that stands out as the only melee of its kind. After releasing the butterfly knife, many thought Valorant would stick to more normal melee weapons and not add more types. However with this act they decided to add the Artisan Foil, a sword that lunges at enemies when used to attack. It is long just like the Ruination melee, but looks like a rapier.

To receive this new skin, players will have to max out the levels on their battle pass, something which should be very achievable given the long timeframe of every act. Getting up to the max of level 50 will bestow this melee upon players, as the last skin of the pass.

To get this melee along with all of the other skins and cosmetics in the battle pass players can purchase this act's pass for 1,000 Valorant Points, or about $10.