Assassin Olaf TFT Explained

Courtesy of Riot Games

TFT players might be wondering about what Assassin Olaf is. This incredibly fun carry unit has persisted throughout Set 7 and has lots of versatility.

With the end of Set 7 looming and the dawn of Set 7.5, we can look back at the units that persisted in the meta throughout Set 7's three month duration. Early on, Olaf was an extremely overpowered unit that could wipe even four and five-cost units despite only costing three gold himself. Once he was toned down, though, he remained relevant in the competitive meta. However, he was only truly viable when players gave him the Assassin spatula and paired him with the right units.

Assassin Olaf TFT

Giving Olaf the Assassin Spatula in TFT gives him the Assassin Trait and all the effects that go with it such as diving into the backline and gaining critical damage. To optimize Assassin Olaf, players should prioritize giving him items that focus on cranking his already high damage output. These include Infinity Edge, since that plays well into the Assassin Trait, and Runaan's Hurricane, since that lets him deal with multiple enemies at once.

You can also give Assassin Olaf items like Guinsoo's Rageblade and even Rapid Firecannon since they let him dispatch enemies much faster, and they even let him do it safer in Rapid Firecannon's case. For units to pair Olaf with, you should ideally prioritize three-starring Diana alongside Olaf since she shares the same traits and is deadly in her own right. Other units include Shen, Pyke and Talon.