The Best TFT Items in Set 7: Dragonlands

Courtesy of Riot Games

Certain items in TFT Set 7: Dragonlands have consistently been highly successful across patches. Here are just some of the items that have a large impact throughout this set.

The Best TFT Items in Set 7: Dragonlands

Guinsoo's Rageblade

Rageblade has been a no-brainer item on so many units this set. Varus, Xayah and even Syffen see massive improvements by slamming it. There are plenty of other units that can take it as well, substituting for Spear of Shojin. Regardless of how many attack speed nerfs many units receive, Rageblade will simply fix those nerfs after just a couple auto attacks.

Frozen Heart

The huge caveat with Frozen Heart making this list is that it has to be played on Assassins. Frontline units don't gain much from slowing their opposition outside of scenarios. Assassins, on the other hand, get to demolish backline carries since they can't attack fast enough to do anything about it.

Mage Emblem

Call this cheating if you'd like, but it's the truth. Mage Emblem works so well with so many units that it can't not be one of the best. Aurelion Sol, Ao Shin and Anivia are just a few units that can gain exceptional mileage from being a Mage. On top of that, Mages like Zoe and Sylas get tremendous benefits from adding more Mages to the team.