Astroneer Mods: 4 Best Mods to Use

Courtesy of System Era Softworks

ASTRONEER mods turn a delightful indie game about exploration into something that the developers could never have dreamed of. Even with the game's recent Rails Update, there's still more that fans have taken on the initiative to create. Here are four of the best ASTRONEER mods to liven up your space survival experience.


We'll start this list with the most downloaded ASTRONEER mod according to NexusMods. ASTROMINIMAP gives the player a mini-map that they can toggle on and off with F4. While fairly simple, it can drastically improve the player experience if you're feeling lost or want a sense of direction. Some players will prefer the freer sense of exploration, but for those that don't, ASTROMINIMAP is free to download.

The "Generous Series"

This entry on the list includes all of the mods created by OneRingToRule that aim to make the gameplay of ASTRONEER more forgiving. These mods do anything from increasing the power generated from fuel cells to increasing the capacity of canisters. For players that want to worry more about exploring the world than managing resources, or just want to keep all of the unique minerals they collect, the "Generous Series" allows you to explore the planets with ease.

Astroneer Mods: 4 Best Mods to Use

Into the Sun

For those looking for visual enhancements, Into the Sun provides various visual enhancements and color correction to get ASTRONEER looking its best. Just take a look at this sunset, and if you're convinced, you can find Into the Sun on NexusMods.

Alternate Start

Finally, for veteran players looking to shake up their ASTRONEER experience, look no further than Alternate Start. This mod allows the player to choose their starting planet after landing on the normal starting planet, Sylva. If you're looking to get back into ASTRONEER and want to shake things up, give the Alternate Start mod a try.