Average KD in Warzone: What's a Good Kill-Death Ratio?

What's the average KD in Warzone?
What's the average KD in Warzone? / Photo by Infinity Ward

Wondering what the average kill-death ratio (KD) is in Call of Duty: Warzone? We've got you covered.

In a competitive climate in which the terms "skill-based matchmaking (SBMM)" and "bot lobbies" generate genuine animosity among CoD players, it is perhaps no surprise that many take their KD ratios very seriously. After all, it is perhaps the clearest point of comparison players can use to compare their skill in-game to others. Here's a breakdown of what a good kill-death ratio is in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Average KD in Warzone: What's a Good Kill-Death Ratio?

As in just about all multiplayer games, your kill-death ratio is determined by how many enemies you’ve killed and how many times you’ve died.

A KD of 1.0 in a match means you got a kill for every time you died (e.g. 10 kills and 10 deaths).

In Warzone, players often use their career KD ratios to compare with among each other, which uses the all-time amount of kills and deaths they've accumulated on their accounts.

Of course, KDs aren't the most accurate measure of skill, but in general, are used to determine whether or not some one is good at the game.

The higher your KD, the better you are at Warzone.

Since Activision has taken steps to eliminate third-party tools and leaderboards over time, it is a bit tough to get reliable data on KDs these days.

According to Warzone content creators JGOD and WZRanked in May 2022, however, the average KD ratio was 0.92 on Caldera and 0.96 on Rebirth Island.

This is not all that surprising considering how high the TTKs in Warzone are, and how wide the skill gap can be at times.

Ultimately, to keep things simple, many players see a KD higher than one as acceptable. As long as you're winning gunfights more than you're losing, you'll have a positive number (>1.0).

Playing more games will also see your numbers fluctuate less rapidly. You might get lucky a few games and see a sharp rise in KD and then lose it a few rounds later. Likewise, you might hit a snag in a losing streak.

Don't let the numbers get you down, however. Improve your skills and techniques as a player, and your KD will rise to follow.