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Battlefield 2042 Could Reignite the Franchise's Rivalry With Call of Duty

Battlefield 2042's trailer dropped on Wednesday, June 9
Battlefield 2042's trailer dropped on Wednesday, June 9 / Photo by DICE

The Battlefield 2042 trailer was dropped on Wednesday, June 9 with a lot of praise and holler from the franchises’ die-hard and regular fans alike. The trailer was exhilarating and has brought a lot of hype to one of the long-standing franchises in the FPS genre. This trailer also has reignited the discussion and competition of the Battlefield and Call of Duty franchises as they’ve been pitted against each other for years. 

Battlefield 2042 has been confirmed to have multiplayer only at launch, there isn’t a campaign or battle royale game mode in sight. The addition to the battle royale game mode has been a huge boon for the Call of Duty franchise. It helped an already huge franchise grow even larger, tapping into areas of the FPS genre that were once untouchable for the game, while also giving veterans of the game another reason to play. 

One veteran of the Call of Duty games, and the FPS genre is streamer, Dr DisRespect. While reacting to Battlefield 2042’s trailer he claimed that they’re “bringing showtime” with this new trailer; he was clearly impressed by it. 

“I have to be honest, that was a fantastic trailer man,” he said. “Action-packed. Kind of reminds me of the old days to a certain degree. Remember when Call of Duty was putting out these big trailers and then it was back and forth between Battlefield? I feel like we lost some of that competition the past couple of years, I don’t know why… But I’m liking this.”

His excitement has possibly carried through to the future, as he added that “we gotta watch” the gameplay reveal that is set to occur on Sunday, June 13. Alongside the franchise’s fans, the trailer has seemed to ignite fervor for its fans, something that even Dr DisRespect himself can appreciate. He believes that there’s something huge in this Battlefield game that the last couple in the franchise hasn’t had.

Battlefield 2042 will have to pull off something special in order to compete and bring back the rivalry. As on top of it being a huge franchise in its own right, Call of Duty’s battle royale mode — Warzone — is consistently pulling huge numbers and has been since its inception. No battle royale mode and no campaign for the game could be of detriment for Battlefield’s 2042 side in the Battlefield vs. Call of Duty rivalry but only time will tell how it will play out.