5 Best Champions to Pair with Samira

5 Best Champions to Pair with Samira
5 Best Champions to Pair with Samira / Image via Riot Games

The best champions to pair with Samira in League of Legends takes a look at which champions form a great lane duo with Riot's newest champion. Samira works really well with supports that want to play aggressively or have high playmaking ability.

Lets take a look at which champions form the best bot lane with Samira!

5 Best Champions to Pair with Samira


Pyke's super aggressive play style and massive play making ability make him a natural fit beside Samira. He is ready to start attacking enemy bot lanes from Level 1. Having two melee threats in the bot lane is enough to overwhelm many opponents right away.


Thresh is another logical pairing with Samira because he can lock down targets and create opportunities. Samira needs time to charge her ultimate, and Thresh's hook and flay combo should create ample time for Samira to burst down her targets.


Leona's ultimate is the perfect complement to Samira's. She can decimate stationary enemies, and Leona's ability to lock targets in place is paramount to Samira's success. Additionally, Leona can form a great bulwark to protect Samira until she is ready to burst.


Galio is another great choice, as his taunt allows him to crowd control multiple enemies at the same time. Taunting enemies makes them sitting ducks for Samira's ultimate ability. His dashes and ultimate helps him keep pace with Samira's insane mobility which makes him a great running mate for the Desert Rose.


Despite having a taunt, like Galio, Shen's best synergy with Samira is probably their ultimates. Shen can shield Samira and allow her to make some incredibly risky plays. Being aggressive seems to be Samira's main play style, so a support that enables her to do so safely makes a ton of sense.