Best Champions to Pair With Milio in League of Legends

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Milio is the first champion that will be introduced to League of Legends in 2023, and his abilities have been officially released by Riot Games.

Milio will be another enchanter support, as he will protect and empower his allies to maximize their damage output. Additionally, Milio's ultimate ability allows him to remove any crowd control (CC) from his nearby teammates, while simultaneously healing them. This will be a strong ability in team fights, and it will help the carries avoid being caught and dying early in a fight.

Since all of Milio's abilities have been announced, here are the best champions to pair with him in bottom lane.

Best Champions to Pair With Milio in League of Legends

1. Jinx - The main problem with Jinx is her inability to maneuver well in team fights, as she is CC prone. Milio helps Jinx immensely via his ultimate that removes all crowd control and heals his allies. Additionally, Jinx can receive movement speed from Milio's shield, which will help her kite in team fights. Furthermore, Milio can help Jinx in team fights by knocking back enemies that are trying to CC her. Not to mention the additional Attack Range buff will enable Jinx to attack safely with her rockets from the back line.

2. Caitlyn - Normally, Caitlyn wants to be paired with someone that has CC because it allows her to place traps and maximize her damage output. Milio is an exception because of the Attack Range buff he can offer Caitlyn, which will make her an even bigger lane bully in bottom lane. He will allow Caitlyn to get multiple auto attacks off without even a chance for the enemy to fight back.

3. Kog'Maw - He has fallen out of the meta due to his lack of mobility, as he cannot play the game when Flash is on cooldown. Milio remedies this with his ultimate ability, as Kog'Maw will receive healing and get out of CC without having to Flash. Similar to Jinx, he will be strong from Milio's movement speed shield as well. The attack range from Kog'Maw's kit will also synergize with Milio's Attack Range buff, which will make Kog'Maw's range annoying for his opponents.