League of Legends Milio Role Explained

Riot Games

As players have started to grind ranked and become accustom to the changes in League of Legends Season 13, everyone has been looking for something to excite them.

New champions are a relatively frequent occurrence, as there is at least four or five characters released every year. These additions typically alter the meta and bring new mechanics for players to try and master. The first champion set to release this year is Milio, whose abilities have been partially leaked.

Since Milio will be available sometime soon, it is important for players to know which role he was designed to play.

League of Legends Milio Role Explained

Riot Games has announced Milio to fit into the support role, and he has also been labeled as an enchanter. The current meta favors enchanter supports favorably, which would just be reinforced with the introduction of Milio.

It has been a long time since the last support champion was released, as it has been almost a full year since Renata Glasc was introduced to the game. Renata Glasc saw a large amount of competitive play and still gets picked in niche situations by professional teams, so players can expect that Milio will see a lot of professional and casual play upon his release.