Best Charizard Attacks Pokemon GO: Which to Use

Best Charizard Attacks Pokemon GO: How to pick the best moveset
Best Charizard Attacks Pokemon GO: How to pick the best moveset / Niantic Labs

Best Charizard attacks in Pokemon GO might vary depending on which job trainers have this fan-favorite fire-type doing.

Pokemon GO trainers are hot off the heels of the latest community day featuring Charmander—the fire-type starter from the Kanto region. Charmander and its evolved forms, Charmelon and Charizard, are among some of the most beloved from Generation I. This particularly applies to Charizard, who has seen some controversy with typing and movesets since its release. Some say it has the capability to be one of the strongest fire-type contenders in the game.

Here's what we can tell you about how to maximize your Charizard.

Best Charizard Attacks Pokemon GO

Charizard, to some trainers' surprise, is a fire and flying-type, despite its draconic appearance. It is most effective when placed on the offense—either taking down gyms or on a GO Battle Ultra League team. Its best moveset contains the quick move Fire Spin and the charged Elite TM move Blast Burn. However, some still hold strong to the power of the quick move Wing Attack.

This Pokemon has a CP ceiling of 2889. Its attack stat is 223, defense is 173, stamina is 186, and can have a hit point total of 158.

Trainers can obtain an Elite TM by placing in Rank 7 or higher in the current GO Battle League season. Elite Charged TMs allow the trainer to pick which move their Pokemon learns from a pool of all those available. This includes event and legacy moves like Blast Burn.

Pokemon GO trainers can evolve Charizard from Charmeleon using 100 candies. It can be temporarily mega-evolved into Mega Charizard X or Mega Charizard Y using 200 Mega Energy.

As mentioned before, Charizard originally hails from the Kanto region as part of the original 151. Its Pokedex number is six. Some say that Charizard's fire breath burns so hot that it can melt just about anything.