Best CS:GO Cases to Open: Items, Prices


Best CS:GO cases to open depend on what a player is looking for. Do they want to try their luck at a rifle skin? Do they want gloves or a knife? There's plenty of options available on the Community Market and as in-game drops after leveling up.

CS:GO cases are just like any loot box in any other game. There's built-in risk and reward with spending money on cases. Items unboxed are strictly cosmetic and do not impact a player's performance in a game. Though, CS:GO skins remain some of the most coveted cosmetics in all of gaming and players want to know the best cases to open. Not to mention CS2 is on the horizon and skins will be carried over and overhauled with the new game engine.

Here's a list of the best cases to open in CS:GO based on price and what's included. All prices listed are based on the Steam Community Market.

Best CS:GO Cases to Open: Items, Prices

Revolution Case: $3.40 average (as of Apr. 19, 2023)

The Revolution Case is the latest release in CS:GO. The case introduced two Covert skins for the M4A4 (Temukau) and AK-47 (Head Shot), plus the AWP Duality skin which is extremely popular. The Rare Special Item for the case are Gloves that are also found in the Clutch Case, meaning players have a chance at Specialist, Moto and Sport Gloves.

Fracture Case: $1.15 average (as of Apr. 19, 2023)

The Fracture Case first introduced four new knives to CS:GO: the Survival, Skeleton, Nomad and Paracord Knives. The Knives can be unboxed with the original finishes including Fade, Slaughter, Boreal Forest, Crimson Web and more. Plus, there are three top tier skins in the AK-47 Legion of Anuis, Desert Eagle Printstream and M4A4 Tooth Fairy.

Dreams and Nightmares Case $2.20 average (as of Apr. 19, 2023)

The Dreams and Nightmares collection was a special event in CS:GO history and the skins available still carry tons of value. Not only are there great weapon skins the like AK-47 Nightwish, USP-S Ticket to Hell and MP9 Starlight Protector, but this case features the Gamma finishes on the special release knives including the Bowie Knife, Butterfly Knife and more. There's a chance, keep in mind a very low chance, at unboxing an Emerald Doppler from this case.

Prisma 2 Case: $1.20 average (as of Apr. 19, 2023)

The Prisma 2 Case features the Navaja, Stiletto, Ursus and Talon Knives with the Chroma finishes. Marble Fade, Tiger Tooth and Doppler are the most sought after finishes in this case. As far as skins are concerned, the M4A1-S Player Two, Glock-18 Bullet Queen, AK-47 Phantom Disruptor and more as the top tier skins in the case.

Danger Zone Case: $1.20 average (as of Apr. 19, 2023)

The Danger Zone Case was released when the battle royale mode was added to CS:GO. It features the original finishes on the knives aforementioned in the Prisma 2 Case, but overall this case is probably the best to open considering all the skins in the case. The AK-47 Asiimov, AWP Neo-Noir, Desert Eagle Mecha Industries, USP-S Flashback, P250 Nevermore and UMP Momentum are all great options at the top of the list in this case.

Keep in mind, there are still other cases out there carrying higher price tags. The Operation Broken Fang Case contains the M4A1-S Printstream, but it's around $5. Players wanting to spend even more cash can look at some original cases like the Operation Bravo Case starting around $75 which might be wild to most. Though, CS:GO fans will know how popular and expensive items like the AK-47 Fire Serpent are hence the price tag on the case.

Just remember, if you want to spend money on cases it's a risk. There's no guarantee you unbox something you really want. If you want a skin from a specific case and have the money for it, look to purchase it through other means like the Steam Community Market.