Best Defensive Playbook Madden 23: AFC and NFC

Best Defensive Playbook Madden 23: AFC and NFC
Best Defensive Playbook Madden 23: AFC and NFC / EA

Madden 23 has a lot of fun strategies and options for players to bring more customization to the game. One big adjustment to make when playing against opponents online or on the couch with friends has to do with your defensive playbook within the game.

Switching up your defensive playbook in Madden 23 allows you to run different plays and have a different strategy while in a game. This can help bring some variety to your playing style when up against an opponent. There are a few playbooks to keep in mind within the game.

Best Defensive Playbook Madden 23: AFC

Buffalo Bills

In the AFC, you cannot go wrong with the Buffalo Bills playbook for your defense. They primarily run a 4-3 defense with a lot of different variations to benefit your game. One strategy I am always going after is blitzing and the Sam Edge 3 blitz will give you a linebacker right off the edge rushing to the quarterback when he is trying to pass.

Best Defensive Playbook Madden 23: NFC

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers are another fun team with a lot of options to your game defensively speaking. Their 4-4 split defense has a lot of blitz options like the LB Fire, FS Blitz or even Monster Green. Every variation of the 4-4 defense should help benefit you on the field when your opponent is hanging around a bit too long in the backfield or is trying to run the ball.

Practicing in the game with a playbook you are comfortable with is the best way to have success, and it is also a great way to earn training points.