Best DPS Heroes for Overwatch Role Queue

Are you ready for Role Queue? This new mode is about to hit Overwatch live servers to make every match feel like a competitive game. The intention behind this is to make games even with the included role lock so all teams will be limited to two of each role ⁠— damage, tank, and support. Therefore, it will probably benefit you to know who's up and who's down when going into this season.

Here's our top three choices for the damage role.

Best Three Damage Heroes

1. Tracer

This one is a no-brainer. Tracer is one of the best DPS characters in the roster right now. As a hero with no skill-ceiling, there's nothing to stop you from infinitely improving and taking your Tracer skills wherever you'd like to go. Additionally, she's one of the most fun heroes to play, as your entire job is being the untouchable annoyance the other team never asked for. It won't pay off to one-trick her indefinitely, but if you're looking for a solid choice to flush out your roster and gain beneficial experience at the same time then Tracer is the hero you want.

2. Reaper

What a surprise. As has been established⁠, Reaper eats tanks for all three meals of the day. His close combat damage has always been remarkable and with his Life Stealing sustain, he is a nightmare to deal with on the battlefield. Wraith Form and Shadow Step make him a ghost and enable an easy get away when things get a bit too heated. With the role lock looming, damage players may want to look to Reaper as a solid choice to combat enemy tanks.

3. Hanzo

Oddly enough, Hanzo makes this list as he's a bit broken this season. He's almost untouchable now with the nerfs Blizzard tried on him. With his Storm Arrows being the absolute bane of barrier tanks everywhere and no range limit on damage, Hanzo is a solid choice to deal near-draconic levels of pain—as we've seen on the professional scene. He might take some figuring out, but good Hanzo players are easily some of the best damage dealers in the game right now.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.