Best Elite TM Pokemon GO: 5 Best Pairs with Pokemon

Best Elite TM Pokemon GO lets players have access to moves that have long since left the available pool
Best Elite TM Pokemon GO lets players have access to moves that have long since left the available pool / Niantic Labs, the Pokemon Company

Best Elite TM Pokemon GO is creating quite a stir with the beginning of the new competitive Go Battle League season.

Trainers who achieve rank seven or higher during the Go Battle League season will be awarded an Elite TM—an item many have been begging for since the introduction of TMs. Elite TMs finally give the trainer the option to choose exactly which move they'd like for their Pokemon instead of rolling the dice.

Best Elite TM Pokemon GO: 5 Best Pairs

There are a number of combinations to put your Elite TM towards. Here are a few of our favorites.


Mewtwo with Shadow Ball or Psystrike. These moves aren't available to obtain together anymore, so using your Elite TM here would be useful to get them back. Mewtwo is already a strong contender in battles, so having access to these powerhouse combinations again gives you an edge to reach the top of the heap.


Dewgong with Icy Wind or Ice Shard. This may seem like a strange choice, but Dewgong is actually immensely powerful in its own right. It has enough bulk to survive and drag-out battle and, with these moves, the tools to create one. Icy Wind provides a stat debuff while Ice Shard chips away at the opponent's health.


Zapdos with Thunder Shock. Despite this move no longer being conventionally available, Elite TMs can place it right back in your hands. Veteran trainers know that Zapdos is one of the best legendary defenders in the game. It's only vulnerable to two types: ice and rock. Combining Thunder Shock with another move such as Thunderbolt or Drill Peck will set you up for success in the Great League.


Charizard with Blast Burn. When combined with Wing Attack or Fire Spin, long-removed Blast Burn Charizard is one of the best builds for taking down gyms and getting through the Great League. Ultimately, these moves together provide some of the best damage under 2500 CP you can find.


Groudon with Fire Punch or Earthquake tends to be one of the better counters to PvP Titan Giratina. Fire Punch is easily spam-able and can bring the bigger names to their knees. It performs well in the Master league with moves like Mud Shot to support its damage.