Best FFAR Loadout Warzone Season 2

The best FFAR loadout for Warzone Season 2.
The best FFAR loadout for Warzone Season 2. / Photo courtesy of Activision

The FFAR 1 has made its way into the Warzone meta following the release of Season 2. It is a full-auto assault rifle that provides a rapid-fire rate, quick reload speed and decent damage output.

Season 2 brought several changes to Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. The initial patch introduced, among other things, new operators, game modes, and weapons, in addition to adjustments for certain weapons and attachments. One of the most controversial changes was the nerf of the Agency Suppressor, which was recently reverted back to its original state. With the ever-changing Warzone meta, certain weapons and attachments will rise and fall in priority as new patches are introduced. In the current state of the game, the FFAR 1 has become a popular pick for a viable close- and mid-range weapon.

Best FFAR Loadout Warzone Season 2

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the FFAR, players will need to ensure that they equip a loadout that complements the weapon. The following is an overview of the best FFAR attachments to equip in the current state of Warzone Season 2.

  • Agency Suppressor eliminates muzzle flash and increases vertical recoil control at the cost of effective damage range and muzzle velocity.
  • 21.2" Ranger: increases bullet velocity, but reduces aim walking movement speed.
  • Field Agent Grip: offers greater vertical and horizontal recoil control.
  • STANAG 44 Rnd: provides greater ammo capacity at the cost of reload quickness and aim down sight time.
  • Airborne Elastic Wrap: enhances flinch resistance, allows for aiming while going prone, and reduces sprint to fire time, but increases aim down sight time and reduces shooting move speed.

The aforementioned FFAR loadout will allow players to put out high damage numbers in close- and mid-range encounters. With the enhanced recoil control provided by the Field Agent Grip and Agency Suppressor, players will have a great advantage during these sorts of fights.